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York - Commercial Products

York - Commercial

Category: Masonry & Concrete
York - Commercial
Subcategory: Weep Vent Protection

Weep-Armor™ from York protects weep vents from clogging with mortar and debris. When placed in the cavity on top of the through-wall flashing at the base of a wall, the Weep-Armor shields and provides water a path to the weep hole vents.

Category: Weatherization & Flashing
York - Commercial
Subcategory: Air & Vapor Barrier, Ice & Water Barrier

In commercial construction, the smallest details can make a big differenceespecially when you’re dealing with moisture. For foundation protection you can count on, York offers a choice of effective above grade and below grade waterproofing solutions.

York - Commercial
Subcategory: Flashing

Since 1935, York's been supplying builders with top quality commercial-grade flashing and waterproofing materials as effective as they're innovative. Solutions that get the job done once, and get it done right.