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Clam Door - Bulkhead Doors

Product Summary

Inspired by watertight elements in nature and designed and developed with sailing technology, the ClamDoor is handcrafted in Rhode Island, USA with the care and expertise of master boat builders and in accordance with the tight specifications of high-performance racing boats and ocean cruisers.

The ClamDoor retains its sleek, upscale appearance throughout the life of the product. The fiberglass will never rust, and the neutral grey, smooth gel coat finish never needs painting (but can easily be painted any color, if desired).

The ClamDoor is a single, fully-assembled unit that fits all standard openings, making it quick and easy to install. Its single, smooth-action door is quiet, safe, and secure … and feather-light to open and close.

The ClamDoor is energy-efficient and especially well-suited for coastal homes with weather concerns … as well as discerning homeowners anywhere who seek best-in-class materials and craftsmanship.

The ClamDoor is THE single bulkhead solution for the life of any home and comes with a 10-year warranty and our guarantee of satisfaction.

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