Product Selection and Buying Guide



Subcategory: Dishwasher

Danby's space saving designs are perfect for the condo, cottage or office.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

Danby freezers offer unmatched quality and value.

Subcategory: Cooktop, Oven, Range, Stoves

Danby's small space ranges, ovens, and stoves may be smaller but they have everything you would expect from high-performance appliances.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

Danby refrigerators offer unmatched quality and innovation.

Subcategory: Dryer, Washer, Washer & Dryer Combo

Danby's compact washing machines, dryers and all-in-one ventless washer dryer combo machines are designed for home, cottage and condo applications.

Subcategory: Wine Storage

Danby wine coolers offer unmatched quality and design.


Subcategory: Cooktop

Frigidaire high-performance cooktops feature expandable cooking elements that adapt to any size pot or pan.

Subcategory: Dishwasher

Frigidaire revolutionary AquaSurge technology dishwasher, allows the adjustment of washing pressure for various dishwashing needs.

Subcategory: Dryer

Frigidaire iDry Intelligent Fabric Care moisture sensor system precisely dries clothes for optimal dryness.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer
Type: Chest, Upright

Frigidaire upright and chest freezers offer innovative storage solutions like slide-out baskets and lift-out door bins, and glass shelves.

Subcategory: Microwave Oven

Save counter space by putting a Frigidaire microwave over the range, or use one of our kits to install one above a wall oven or in a cabinet.

Subcategory: Range

Frigidaire ranges offer high output, gas-sealed burners and a time-saving convection cooking system.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer
Type: Side-by-Side

Frigidaire refrigerators offer side-by-side storage capacity equal to a standard-depth refrigerator.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

Keep your kitchen free of fumes and smoke with a Frigidaire range hood for islands or walls.

Subcategory: Oven

Frigidaire built-in ovens offer larger oven capacity, extra-large Visualite® windows, and lots of new features.

Subcategory: Washer

Frigidaire iWash Intelligent Fabric Care system automatically customizes each laundry load for better stain removal.

GE Appliances

Subcategory: Garbage Disposals, Trash Compactor

If you’re tired of taking out bag after bag of messy garbage, you’ll love the convenience of a GE Profile™ Series trash compactor.

Subcategory: Dishwasher
Type: Compact, Portable, Under Sink, Undercounter

GE’s dishwashers offer a variety of advanced features that work in harmony to tackle your dirtiest dishes.

Subcategory: Water Treatment

Choose a GE water filter for great tasting water. Enjoy the clean, refreshing taste of bottled water right at your kitchen sink.

Subcategory: Microwave Oven

GE microwave ovens offer a multitude of installation and cooking options.

Subcategory: Cooktop, Oven, Range

The design possibilities in your kitchen are almost endless with GE ranges, ovens and cooktops.

Subcategory: Refrigerator/Freezer

All GE refrigerator models, like french door refrigerators offer sophisticated style and all the function you’ll ever need.

Subcategory: Exhaust Vent/Range Hood

Compliment your kitchen with GE’s new vented and non-vented range hoods that help remove heat, moisture, food odors and more.

Subcategory: Dryer, Washer

At GE, we work hard to make our washers & dryers more efficient, with advanced technologies and superior settings.