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Sterling Products

Sterling Plumbing

Category: Faucets & Fixtures
Sterling Plumbing
Subcategory: Bathtubs & Showers

STERLING® baths, whirlpools and stylish bath/showers are designed to provide a relaxing escape from everyday life.

Sterling Plumbing
Subcategory: Shower Doors & Enclosures

From subtle and refined to intricate and exciting,distinctive STERLING® shower doors and glass patterns give you an opportunity to furnish your bathroom with exclusive design elements.

Sterling Plumbing
Subcategory: Sinks (Bar), Sinks (Bath), Sinks (Kitchen), Sinks (Utility)
Product Type: Pedestal, Self-Rimming, Undermount

Sterling offers a compelling range of bath, kitchen & specialty sinks to meet your needs for dependability and fresh design.

Sterling Plumbing
Subcategory: Toilets & Bidets

Whether you require consistent flushing power or water-saving options that conserve natural resources and lower monthly bills, STERLING® has the perfect toilet for you.